The DJ industry, well, music at that, is one that has always been male-dominated. And being a female in this world, the kind who stays grinding, focused, wanting to learn more, and so-very-much looking to be respected, is something that should be celebrated and admired. Here at Ladies of Sound, we aim to use our platform to recognize and showcase the talents of hard-working women in the DJ industry and of course, music in general. We seek to continuously build a community that is strong, confident, supported, and revered. 

Our purpose is to shine light to ladies who represent what we believe is important to the art of DJing: skill, talent, work ethic, and drive. How we do this is by producing social gatherings, whether it be through panels, Q&As, scratch sessions, workshops + masterclasses, and parties. Hosting events, no matter where in the world, and giving women access to insight and knowledge from their personal DJ wonder-women, allow them to engage with each other, learn from one another, and feel support when tackling any adversities that may come in our industry.

This vision is unlike any other, and we say this with great confidence. We believe in bringing back the importance of DJing as an artform, celebrating skill and technique. So when we’re recognizing the women who do just that, we’re not only helping to preserve a craft, but we’re also pushing females forward in priding themselves as to what a true DJ can look and sound like too.

When we provide a safe, ego-left-at-the-door kind of place for girls and women to learn the importance of hard work and practice, discipline, and respect for the craft, we align our vision with theirs, and vice versa. Like vinyl on a turntable, Ladies of Sound pushes forward and our story plays to a sweet tune.

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