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Visibility of women in the DJ industry are scarce. Through these Q+A’s and panels, we hope to educate, motivate, and provide inspiration to other women and future generations of DJ’s.


There were moments where the sound

guy would say “sweetie, do you want

me to plug that in for you?’ and

I’d be like, ‘no, i got this’




Ladies of Sound Panel | Date: Saturday Dec. 1st, 2018

This panel was held at the Beat Junkie Institute of Sound, located in Glendale, Ca.

Featuring a diverse group of DJ’s representing in different facets of the industry.

Ladies of Sound featuring a diverse group of female DJ's in the scene.

Featuring DJs:

  • Bella Fiasco | @djbellafiasco

  • Monalisa | @monalisa7872

  • DJ Shortee | @djshortee

  • DJ Javin | @djjavin

  • DJ Step1 | @deejaystep1

  • Ry Toast | @rytoast

In collaboration with Jack Daniels


“You gotta invest in yourself, no ones going to do that for you”

- DJ CARISMA (Young California/Tune in)


Ladies of Sound Q+A Series | March 31st, 2019

Hostess: Bella Fiasco | @djbellafiasco

Featured Guest: DJ Carisma | @djcarisma

Location: Beat Junkie Institute of Sound